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Value Statement

Our delicious pecans are naturally and sustainably grown by our family in the Arkansas river delta region. We hope you will enjoy our nutritious pecans as a snack or as part of your favorite recipes.


A Brief History of Pecans in America

The two largest growing pecan states in America are Georgia and New Mexico. However, interestingly enough, pecans are not native to either state! In turn, we are happy to grow our delicious pecans in the dirt that they were born in.

Pecans trees are river bottom dwellers, the Mississippi and Arkansas river delta is their natural home. The alluvial soil of our orchards is the perfect environment to grow what nature intended to be grown there.

In recent years, modern breeding and grafting have developed pecans that can be mostly disease free, easy to crack and with a flavorful taste that is hard to resist. The new varieties we grow have made them much safer to put on your table.

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